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Allen Watson


allen watson

As an AltruIT Engineer, Allen gets to work with clients directly and also makes sure the “behind the scenes” technical components run smoothly. Allen assists clients with everything from password resets, hunting down lost files and printers, to troubleshooting complex technical issues. Other days, he spends time keeping the servers up and running and implementing new hardware and software to make room for future programs.

Allen began his career in sales for a well-known computer retailer, working his way up through the professional ranks. Anytime things slowed down, he took the time to increase his knowledge through education. Allen has experience in everything from retail to customer service/support and system building and integration. He joined AltruIT in 2006 and has loved being part of the team ever since because of the daily challenges that “keep him on his toes” and growing professionally with the support of committed, intelligent coworkers.

As much as he loves reading and playing around on the computer, Allen still enjoys “non-techy” pursuits such as rock climbing, white water rafting, snowboarding and skiing. His love for athletics once had him in the running for the rowing team that ended up going to the Barcelona Olympics although he wasn’t able to attend the tryouts.  Thankfully, he’s been able to strike a balance between his job and his love for the outdoors.

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